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Florist Secrets Course
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Create $479 worth of arrangements for only $97!

Create $479 worth of arrangements for only $97!
Over 7 lessons Of AMAZING instruction, you will learn to make 1 large centerpiece and 1 smaller place setting arrangement. You'll learn the secrets of a professional florist that you can use for years to come!
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Learn from a professional
I'm excited to share with you the techniques I've used on huge wedding events as a professional florist as well as decorating my own home for personal and family gatherings.

Whatever the occasion it is always enhanced by flowers.

If you called a florist shop and ordered these flowers for a 4-person get together it would cost you at least $479. Here's how that would break down:
1 x Large Arrangement = $225
4 x Place Setting Arrangements = $192
Delivery & Tax = $62.12
$479.12 = Total

Now imagine it for 8 people, it would cost $921.14 !
Learn how to make all of that for for $97!
  • Less Expensive Than Ordering Flowers: Save Money Decorating Your Home
  • Learn Decades Of Florist Secrets: Learn A Step-By-Step Process For Creating 2 Kinds of Arrangements
  • Demystify Design: Discover In Real-Time How A Professional Florist Designs Stunning Arrangements
  • Secrets To Extend Beauty: Learn The Secret To Extending The Life Of Your Arrangement By 30%
  • What The Pros Use: Watch A Professional Use Their Tools And Show At-Home Alternatives
meet the master behind the Course
Roiann Ridley
Roiann created the florist "Mackenzie's" in Kentucky, named after her thoroughbred racehorse. She has been a professional florist, managed a garden center, and entertained in her home for over 40 years. She's excited to share her wealth of knowledge and skills in Florist Secrets courses to elevate your home, events and heart.
"Roiann could stop on the side of the road, pick things that 99% would pass by, and make the most AMAZING flower arrangements of all time. Said it before, will say it again, you are the best in the whole wide-world."
Jon Carloftis | award-winning Jon Carloftis Fine Gardens

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